What’s On?

The Hall reopened in August 2021 with a very successful family barbecue.  Since then with all the uncertainty around Covid and the Omicron variant there have been few events, but as Spring approaches more events will be taking place, starting with pop up cafes and pub nights.  The first of these took place at the end of February.  Hopefully the luncheon club will return in April

Looking ahead, if you would like to see a particular event taking place or if you have any ideas for other type of functions or events we would be delighted to hear your suggestions. You can either call us with your suggestion or alternatively complete the form on the contact page with an outline of what it is that you would like to see.

We aim to provide a covid secure venue and the hall is fully open to bookings If you want to make a booking please use the contact form or call Fiona Tamkin, our bookings secretary on 01845 595884.

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