About the Hall

Wy4FON0ICold Kirby Institute was set up as a charity in 1949 to promote education, recreation and community activities locally and to manage the village hall. The hall itself which had been a wartime hospital building in Thirsk was purchased through a government loan and erected on land gifted to the Institute, where of course it still stands.

The Hall’s fortunes have fluctuated over the years. It has hosted many clubs, classes and social events, with some periods of great activity and some years with very little.  Alongside the church it provides a focus for the community which is also available to others, in both Cold Kirby and  neighbouring villages.

In October 2008, a determined effort by village volunteers to restore the building and bring it back into full use was undertaken.This restoration proved itself highly successful and since then the hall has been used for many funtions and private parties.   Recent improvements have also included full double glazing, upgrading the power supply, a modern kitchen, and refurbishment of our library area which makes a great room for smaller meetings.

Given its fantastic location, the hall is a special place to hold events, especially in the Spring and Summer when the weather is kinder.  But installation of new heaters and double glazing mean that we are open for business all the year round!